AAMS Sports Club brings a new and innovative approach to the delivery of sporting qualifications and our ethos is to provide a level of excellence in providing theory and practical knowledge in sports education. The training imparted fundamentally gives an insight into elementary skills to the participants. Students are given training in various disciplines like Hockey, Kho-Kho, Volley Ball, Shuttle Cock, Basket Ball, Football, Kabadi, Long Jump, High Jump, All categories of Athletics etc.,

We consider maintaining Health and fitness during the journey of education very important. Sports is one of the best features of our school. Students of Akshaya have achieved and maintained the record of winning upto national event sport events. May it be individual or a team event, sports inculcates Discipline, teamwork, dedication and focus from within. This eventually improves performance in Academics. Well maintained Track and field, basketball court, football, Kabaddi and Handball grounds attracts students to be a part of it and thereby improves them physically and mentally.

We believe in creating state, and national level champions through our campus.