Excellence Education

We ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Sparkling Faculty

The school has a highly trained, well-qualified and dedicated faculty who oversees the well- being of students.

Responsibility & Integrity

Committed to our work, we hold our moral standards in high esteem. We are desirous of working with like minded people.

Why Choose Us

Life at AAMS

Once a toddler enters the campus of Akshaya he/she is welcomed with joy and happiness. We carry out every step with the child in mind. The child’s future is taken into responsibility and it is intricately carved by the extremely skilled and supportive teachers. The student is challenged in every possible way to make good decisions and lead their life in a positive way. The campus accommodation and food are very hygienic and is considered the best among all the other places. The school simply becomes the second home and we become the second family to your ward.


We consider maintaining Health and fitness during the journey of education very important. Sports is one of the best features of our school. Students of Akshaya have achieved and maintained the record of winning upto national event sport events. May it be individual or a team event, sports inculcates Discipline, teamwork, dedication and focus from within. This eventually improves performance in Academics. Well maintained Track and field, basketball court, football, Kabaddi and Handball grounds attracts students to be a part of it and thereby improves them physically and mentally.


In addition to our promising education programme we’ve got thrilling extracurricular activities for the improvement of interest in various fields and involvement in them. Yoga, music, Karate, Silambam, Dance and Skating are being taught by experts in the respective fields. Students are also encouraged to participate all the extracurricular during the entire course of study. They enjoy the activities and are always willing to learn and explore beyond boundaries.

Speedy Intro

OFFICE HOURs : 7:30 – 19:30 IST