ExaminationsA progressive learning programme is designed for the junior classes. Students learn & acquire knowledge from various sources in an entirely stress free and enjoyable environment. There are no formal tests or examinations. Students are guided, observed and assessed on the basis of their day to day performance in scholastic & co-scholastic disciplines on a regular basis. The spoken ability of the students has improved and they experience no stage fright.

  1. In Languages, they are judged on Reading, Recitation, Writing Ability, Listening Ability, Debate, Extempore, and Speech Ability.
  2. In Mathematics, their Calculations, Application, Mental Ability & Practical Activities are taken into account.
  3. In Sciences, Social Sciences & EVS, their Clarity of Concepts, Practical Activities and Projects are seen.
  4. In Computers, their Clarity of Concepts, Practical Application & Knowledge of Hardware Technology is checked.
  5. In World Vision, their Current Affairs update, General Awareness & Travelogue based on the knowledge of place in India & World.
  6. Their Cultural & Creative Accomplishment, their Sports Activities as participation in Games, Stamina & Decorum in playground is checked.
  7. Their personality is observed on Politeness, Courtesy, Uniform, Respect for Elders, Interaction with Peers, Health & Safety Habits etc. and is graded.