We have a team of teachers to facilitate our students to work through their difficult ties such that they could optimally utilize their potential to the fullest. We also have a team of consultants on board who provide continuous support and guidance to our team of teachers.

The counseling and guidance team provides support to our students in the following ways:

1. Offers emotional and psychological support to students and helps them resolve their difficulties.

2. It is a part of Life Skills Education Programme and helps students learn positive and adaptive skills to deal with life situations.

3. Provides them with career guidance to help students make appropriate choices for higher education.

4. Conducts group activities and workshop to raise awareness and sensitize students in order to help them develop as sensitive and responsible individuals.

5. Collaborates with teachers, parents and other personnel in order to facilitate a child oriented environment.

At AKSHAYA, we believe in working towards our students’ holistic development that includes facilitating their emotional well-being as well as helping them develop life skills alongside providing the best of academics and extra-curricular activities.