All parents are enrolled as members of the PTA.

The Executive Committee of PTA is constituted through an election as per the Government guidelines.

The PTA Executive committee meets from time to time, at least once a quarter to extend a helping hand to the school to achieve its aims and objectives.

Suggestions and observations of the members are considered seriously and implemented wherever feasible.

The Parent Teacher Association has been enthusiastically lending its support to various school activities.

All the important decision and introduction of new facilities came to force on the basis of majority parents opinion in the PTA meeting is held 5 times every year.

It regularly helps in the organization of the following programmes/events:

  1. Co-curricular activities like Kabadi coaching, Karate, Skating and Silambam.
  2. Art, painting, Fancy dress competition for junior school students on Children’s Day.
  3. Honoring students who have excelled in academics, sports and other activities.