Welcome to the website of Akshaya Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kosavapatti! AAMS, takes pride in its excellent infrastructure, which has been suitably planned to accommodate learning and all round development of the child. The school provides a full range of facilities to help the children adjust happily and to feel at home.

At AAMS, where our commitment to quality is evidenced by highly qualified teachers, low ratios and clean, modern, well-equipped facilities. We help children develop qualities that will make them secure and independent as they grow: self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, social skills, wholesome attitudes, self-discipline, and an organized approach to problem solving. In a short period of time, we have earned an enviable reputation for the quality of education provided to our children, of whom we all are very proud.

At AAMS, your child will receive a first-rate education, meet other young people from around this country and from other nations and grow and develop as a self-reliant human being ready for college and the years beyond. Let us show you and your family what AAMS, can do for your child and you.

AAMS education is always person centered. It insists on individual care and concern for each person. The educational process recognizes the development stages of intellectual, affective and spiritual growth and assists each student gradually in all these areas. We are aware that the teachers are more than academic guides. Hence we make every effort to involve them in the lives of students taking a personal interest in the intellectual, affective, moral and spiritual development of every student, helping each one to develop a sense of self worth and become a responsible individual within and outside the school.