Akshaya takes pride in providing a fantastic world class infrastructure that is required to conduct the class in line with the recommendations of the Educational authorities. The campus in Akshaya has a well-ventilated class rooms and have ample natural light and air. However they are surrounded by lot green trees to ensure that the temperature remains ambient even in the hot summer months of the tropics. They provide comfortable seating for 40 students. They have good display areas for displaying students project work etc. Each class room is equipped with an interactive board, projector and computer connected to high speed internet. Each class room also has storage (cubby holes) for students to keep their books as they are only allowed to take books home as per schedule.

The entire facility is planned to make it comfortable for children to attend class and make it a place for fun and learning be it the colors chosen for interiors or the allocation of areas for various facilities.

Akshaya has invested a lot in technology and all the class rooms are connected to internet through a central server. All the class rooms are equipped with projector and interactive boards. The Curriculum and Resource team gets ready various audio-visual resources required for conducting the classes and teachers use these resources effectively.

Teaching Resource Room – is well-furnished with material required for class preparation. A dedicated set of staff work round the clock to support teachers in putting together their classes and make the teaching material ready whether it is lesson plans, topic related stories/activities, preparation of charts or physical aids or preparation using the electronic media, a presentation or a video, and assessments.